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Critchfield Specialty Infusion Group LLC is not a home health agency, but instead a staffing coordination agency that specializes in the supplemental staffing of Home Infusion Nurses to specialty pharmacies. Therefore, Critchfield Specialty Infusion Group does NOT bill insurance companies, but instead, invoices the specialty pharmacy directly for the nursing services provided. 

Only Registered Nurses who possess outstanding qualities, and uphold the same ethical standards, as well as the highest devotion to patient care, are used to staff your home infusion needs. The Infusion Nurses specialize in the administration of high-risk medications to chronically ill patients with the goal of providing safe, high quality services that your patient and their family deserve in the comfort of the patient’s home. They also have the dedication and reliability needed to provide the specialized nursing services with the high standard of quality and commitment that has become our hallmark throughout the Home Infusion Industry.

After a physician's office or hospital sends a patient referral to a specialty pharmacy that is contracted to Critchfield Specialty Infusion Group, the specialty pharmacy obtains the insurance approval and then delivers the medication and supplies to the patient's home. Then a qualified Infusion Nurse will contact the patient and set up an appointment to infuse the medication in the comfort of their own home. The ordering physician will then be routinely notified of the efficacy of the therapy, as well as any complications related to the infusion.

The Home Infusion Nurses most commonly infuse the following high risk medications in the comfort of the patients home:

  • IVIG
  • Remicade
  • Lysosomal Therapy
  • Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Therapies
  • Factor
  • HAE Treatments
  • Misc. injection teaches.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service possible. Our reliable and experienced Support Staff is constantly working with our clients to accommodate their staffing needs and to provide nursing consultation in regards to the home infusion industry. Also, our Support Staff is always available to assist the Infusion Nurses in the field while servicing your patients. Please remember that the Infusion Nurses are always willing to be educated in new therapies. Please call our Support Staff at (724) 834-6600.

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