COVID-19 Response

Critchfield Specialty Infusion Group LLC


COVID-19 Response


As communities are feeling the impact of COVID-19, I want to share with you the steps that we are taking at Critchfield Specialty Infusion Group, LLC (CSIG) to help protect the health and safety of our Network of Home Infusion Nurses and the specialty pharmacies' patients.

We are closely monitoring CSIG’s Network of Home Infusion Nurses, as well as local and national reports on the evolving impact of COVID-19.  In addition, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and applicable public health agencies, CSIG has developed guidelines that will allow it and its Network of Home Infusion Nurses to react and respond timely and appropriately.

CSIG is currently advising all Home Infusion Nurses to be intentionally hygienic in public and private places, including interactions with others.  Furthermore, CSIG is advising that good hand hygiene and Universal Precautions are the cornerstone for preventing the spread of any virus.  CSIG has also advised all Home Infusion Nurses to follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the infection. 

We feel deeply for those who have been affected.  Also, we have implemented guidelines that instruct any Home Infusion Nurse who develops symptoms or comes into contact with infected individuals to stay home, self-quarantine, follow the CDC’s instructions and immediately notify the CSIG Support Staff, so that we can notify the specialty pharmacy as soon as possible.   

As always, CSIG is accepting new staffing needs in all areas that we currently staff to meet the needs of our clients.  If we become aware of any condition that would make it unsafe for the patients, please rest assured that we will notify you and address the situation immediately.

Again, the health and safety of our Network of Home Infusion Nurses and the specialty pharmacies' patients are our top priority and we are committed to doing our part to help keep each specialty pharmacies' patients safe.  

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please call me at (724) 834-6600 to discuss our guidelines.


Scott G. Critchfield, RN

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